Summer Blossoms

We scan the autumn trees

Watching falling leaves

As they linger for a while

Pausing like a smile

On the lips of lovers

They dance on bare branches

Before taking their chances

Tumbling to the ground

Silent, not a sound

Joining others there below

Their flourishing will remain

In memories of the same

Young leaves of spring

Now lost until that thing

We call winter is gone and past

Then in our minds eye

Casting looks into the sky

We see our lost

Understand the cost

Our tears, our love for the summer blossoms


Death and Hope

A reflection on Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane

Death (read top to bottom)

I am dying for nothing

And I refuse to believe that

Grace will find a way

I realize this may be a shock, but

The Father has a plan

Is a lie

This is all we can ever be

In time people will realise

I am right


Is more important than


I will tell you this:

In the beginning

I had a hope for all of you

But this will no longer be the truth

You are worth no more than dust

Ancient Scholars say

Death and destruction will follow

I conclude

This is the last hour of great beauty

In the future,

None will be saved

No longer can it be said that

You are God’s people

It will be evident that

You are alone

It is foolish to presume that

You have a Saviour.

Hope (read bottom to top)

1. The Wilderness – Never Went to Church

Matthew 4:1-11

Perhaps Mike Skinner’s most poignant and heart breaking song features on his third studio album with The Streets. ‘Never Went to Church’ is the stand out track on an album otherwise dedicated to Skinners rise to fame and fortune. In a clear clash of moods with the other album tracks it tells the story of the death of Mike’s dad from cancer and the way in which he responded from his initial anger and grief to his realisation that he continues in his fathers steps.

“Never Went To Church”

Two great European narcotics,

Alcohol and Christianity,

I know which one I prefer

We never went to church,

Just get on with work and sometimes things’ll hurt,

But it’s hit me since you left us,

And it’s so hard not to search.
If you were still about,

I’d ask you what I’m supposed to do now,

I just get a bit scared,

Every now,

Hope I made you proud.

On your birthday when mom passed the forks and spoons,

I put my head on the table I was so distraught with you,

You tidied your things into the bin,

The more poorly you grew,

So there’s nothing of yours to hold or to talk to.

Put your hand up and interrupt the conversation with a, but..

People say I interrupt people with the same look.

Sometimes I think so hard I can’t remember how your face looked,

Started reading about dreams in your favourite book.

Panic and pace when I can’t see the right thing to do.

You’d be scratching your head through the best advice you knew.

And I feel sad I can’t hear you reciting it through,

I miss you dad but I’ve got nothing to remind me of you


I needed a break when your book about dreams was taken,

I needed to pray or see a priest that day,

I needed to leave this trade and just heave it away.

But I cleaned up my place like you so I could see things straight.

I never cared about God when life was sailin’ in the calm,

So I said I’d get my head down and I’d deal with the ache in my heart,

And for that if God exists I’d reckon he’d pay me regard,

Mom says me and you are the same from the start.

I guess than you did leave me something to remind me of you,

Everytime I interrupt someone like you used to,

When I do something like you you’ll be on my mind or through,

‘Cause I forgot you left me behind to remind me of you.

[Chorus x2]

But you you still tell me how you didn’t know what to do even now,

And then I’m not so scared somehow,

‘Cause I know that you’d be proud.

I got a good one for you dad,

I’m gonna see a priest, a Rabbi and a Protestant clergyman,

You always said I should hedge my bets.