Death and Hope

A reflection on Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane

Death (read top to bottom)

I am dying for nothing

And I refuse to believe that

Grace will find a way

I realize this may be a shock, but

The Father has a plan

Is a lie

This is all we can ever be

In time people will realise

I am right


Is more important than


I will tell you this:

In the beginning

I had a hope for all of you

But this will no longer be the truth

You are worth no more than dust

Ancient Scholars say

Death and destruction will follow

I conclude

This is the last hour of great beauty

In the future,

None will be saved

No longer can it be said that

You are God’s people

It will be evident that

You are alone

It is foolish to presume that

You have a Saviour.

Hope (read bottom to top)

On This Street

They know me at this bar

Where I sit sipping silken foam

The world passes by

A mix of the electric and the eclectic

So much life gather together

An enjoyment of all that is good

Broken only by the tearing noise of raging traffic.

Then once passed, we resume our enjoyment of all that is, and was, and still could be.

Live life with me

Here on this street


Sometimes I can still hear the bleeping

You’d think after all this time I wouldn’t

But it still haunts me when I’m sleeping

In the light of day I can switch off and stop

But in the early hours, just me awake

It fills my head like a heavy drop

The bleeps go on

Sometimes I can still feel the pain

I should be over this by now

But maybe that’s the way it takes the sane

You push it down and won’t give in

So it lingers there just beneath

Searching always for its way to win

The beeps go on

I’m lucky though, I live my dreams

With someone beside me

We changed the beeps to blips on screens

The joy of life passed on

And kept, and treasured and more

Through my daughter and son

The blips go on

Jesus was an Emo

I’ve had a pop punk playlist running through my head for weeks now…


Some lyrics

Jesus was an Emo

Said sir can you help me please?

Born as a sinner, worn out all the knees

Of these skinny jeans, looking for direction

So close to hell but living for perfection

Hear a song from the past and it feels like glory

Listening to FOB and All Time Low

A pop punk vicar with a stereo

MCR taught me all I know

But still there ain’t no way

Jesus was an Emo


Jesus ain’t an Emo

Tell me now, do you have to think?

Don’t close your eyes you’ll miss it when you blink

182 Aliens Exist, a beautiful distraction

We’ll find the way seeking out redemption

Hear a song from the past and it feels like glory

Listening to FOB and All Time Low

A pop punk vicar with a stereo

MCR taught me all I know

But still there ain’t no way

Jesus was an Emo


Jesus ain’t an Emo

Keep playing that old song it sounds so much like glory

Listening to FOB and All Time Low

A pop punk vicar with a stereo

MCR taught me all I know

But still there ain’t no way

Jesus was an Emo



Jesus ain’t an Emo

£1 Chicken

Living life right in the city, love this place tho times be gritty.
So many crims, too many victim.
Too many shops sellin one pound chicken.

Bradford city, Bradford grime.
Walking streets means spending time, with all people many equal
Many lost brothers with an urban shine

Shine be shady lost lights for days, walking through the valley of a permanent haze.
Clouds drifting from suits really smell like tango.
Different sweet smell from the hoods and mans though

Bimmer engine screaming after dark, racin through the city past city park.
Young soldier feelin it, fearless in rage.
Tomorrow’s lost soul, T&A front page

Problem shared be a problem split, problem child might end up slit.
Hand to arm wrist open out so to rest laid,
Another father gone repeat to fade, repeat to fade

Or take the pain out with chems and beer.
Sink another cheap whisky bottle here.
Or if that buzz don’t hop, Pay a visit to another magic phone shop

Hear the pain take it in so feelin it,
Pray to God that He might be healin it.
See the good in brothers light on be flickin
But there’s still too many shops selling one pound chicken

Golden leaf

A golden leaf hanging high on an autumn tree.

Clinging there though its life is nearly spent.

We can see beauty in it still, though now it is time to fall.

It clings in hope, holding to what is spent and gone.

In days, in hours, in seconds it will fall.

Down to the paths of the world to be walked over and returned to the earth once more.

In days, in hours, in seconds it will be as though it never existed.

Let go golden leaf.

Let life begin once more.

Autumn, for me, is a time of storing up and letting go. Harvest helps us to concentrate on storing up the good gifts of God, while the changing seasons remind us that there are some things that need to die to make way for new life.


Trinity Sunday is one of my favourite Sunday’s to preach on. I know others dread it but I love standing in mystery and trying not to explain something unexplainable. I always feel it deepens my faith…

Shhh I can catch fairies

They sneak out late at night
So I sneak up behind them
I don’t want them to take flight

Shhh I can catch fairies

I take a jar to scoop them up
And a lid to trap them inside
The lids important don’t use a cup!

Shhh I can catch fairies

At least that’s what I tell them all
I like it when they think I’m magic
Even though I’m really not at all

Shhh I can’t really catch fairies

It’s really just all a trick
I use those fluorescent bracelet things
Cut off the bottom of them in a jar and flick

Shhh I can’t really catch fairies

But please don’t tell my kids!







                                             It’s dark

It’s ok, my boy, I’m right here and mummy is downstairs waiting. Just walk between us.







                                              It’s dark

You’ll be fine, I promise. Trust me, nothing will get you. You’re safe.







                                          It’s dark

Ok, I’ll go down with you. Take my hand and we’ll go together. 








                                                Still be dark

Yes, but I’ll be beside you


I’m glad my father doesn’t ask me to go into the darkness alone. I’m always braver when I know he’s next to me.