Climbing trees

Conversations about God with young children can be tricky. Tonight I was chatting to our 3 year old about how he might talk to God and what he might ask him. The converstation inspired me so much that I wrote a short poem…

A prince indeed, called Owen
Trying to climb a tree
A prince, indeed, called Owen
To see if he could see

A place to sit and stay awhile
A place to watch and be
A place to listen carefully
For the one his dad calls ‘He’

And if our prince can find a branch
High up in the sky
A branch where he feels close enough
So God can hear his question why?

He’d ask his question bold and strong
He’d ask it loud and clear
He’d shout it out, as children do,
Without a hint of fear…

God, why aren’t you called John?


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

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