Changes – A Better Bradford

Citizens of Bradford this is a rallying call

Last Monday I attended a meeting at Bradford University. Around the table sat people from different Bradford institutions. Different people, with different jobs, from different generations, representing different faiths and none. Some working in early years, some in further education, some involved in local politics, some in pastoral charge of congregations.

Different people, one desire...

We all want a better Bradford.

As we took it in turns to tell of our experiences of Bradford it became clear that we were all in love with this city, our city. Some of those who had gathered were born and bred here, they’d seen the changes, they’d lived the changes. Others of us were far more recent adoptees, but no less in love for that.

We all want a better Bradford.

Bradford Citizens is, for all of us, a chance to see that realised. It’s a chance to be part of something new and exciting. It represents a chance for all of us to be more and do more than we ever could hope on our own. It’s not just a ‘talking shop’. Bradford Citizens is a way for us, all of us to make a difference. It’s a way for our communities to hold ‘our leaders’ to account and to grow leaders of our own. It’s about loving where you live and having pride in all that we can do to make our lives and the lives of our children better.

We all want a better Bradford.

We refuse to be the butt of everyone’s joke anymore. We will not be the negative example that the media loves to use. We aspire to be more than the lazy stereotypes that get dusted down and trotted out. We want the children of this city to strive for greatness and know that their communities will break their backs to support them.

We all want a better Bradford.

We want to be a part of making history and we want you to join us. Unity is key in providing opportunity for improvement. Let’s start with what binds us. Let’s rise up together and transform this great city into something more wonderfully diverse and unique by starting with our common desire…

We all want a better Bradford.

We want and need you to be part of this change.

Bradford Citizens is currently seeking ‘Founding Partners’. These Partners will be responsible for employing a community worker who will help co-ordinate our community action. Initially they will help us to listen. They will set up a listening project for every local community area in Bradford. Through this listening project Bradford Citizens will be able to clearly hear the concerns of it’s communities. Once these concerns have been identified Bradford Citizens will highlight a number of priorities and then invite those with power in those areas to meet with a gathered assembly and address those issues head on. For some examples of how this works, and it does work, you can read some of the stories from other Citizens groups around the country.

So if you are ready to hear the call, come and join us. Encourage whoever is the leader in any institution you are part of (school, place of worship, community organisation, etc.) to find out more about becoming a ‘Founding Partner’ or Bradford Citizens. Email our voluntary Community Organiser, Sam

The more groups we have involved, the easier it will be to raise the required funds for the community organiser we hope to employ and the fees required to become part of the nationwide Citizens movement.

This is your chance to make a change.

We all want a better Bradford


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

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