The Man Born Blind – The Escapist 

John 9 –

The story of The Man Born Blind is rich in symbolism of enlightenment. As the man is healed he journeys from darkness to light. There is a clear reminder to us that Christ is always to be considered light of the world and our faith allows us to wear this world and it’s trappings lightly and live beyond fear. ‘The Escapist’ shares this message of striving for something more than a material existence. 
All these walls were never really there, 

Nor the ceiling or the chair. 

I’m eking weeks of peace at the beach 

I see the breezes weave the trees, 

These walls, you’ll find, are yours and mine 

Defined not by them, I 

I’m in times that lie behind my eyelids, 

The sunset still the rising silence, 

I’ll not feel no fear 

Cos’ I’m not really here 

I’m nowhere near here 
There’s no rain on roof that grates and beats me 

My favourite tree breaking light to pieces 

Sprinkling, sharded light on me 

Throw a stone as hard as you can 

And hearing with hand not here at land 

Nothing taxi, dusting sand 

My window world spins and twirls, 

The walls then fall, I recall the sort 

White clouds white wash faded spotless 

The weighty shadows, ranges of rocks 

The cold is all illusion thought up 

Stroll on the shore, snooze and explore 

All possibilities in each new morning, 

’til satisfied reaching out, yawning 

Fish in a big dish, some rice and spice, 

Salt over shoulder, never salted so tight 

The truth I have told was silence sometimes 

But who’s soul does not hide any crimes 

Wrapped in walls, encircled by work 

The walls fall – the story occurs 

No barrier, no boundary or ‘low us ID’s 

The freedom to stay off straight 

Be fiend or friend, cause no harm but charm – the peaceful end 
[Chorus x2]
Pale, ancient woods, strew white sandy bays 

This ugly room pales away today 

I’m swimming in the ocean 

I sink slow motion 

Fingers, toes, floating 

Every year ’til yesterday 

I see the eternal setting sea 

I compare all this to me, 

It’s all fleeting momentary me 

I blink my eyes, this is reminding me 

Life lies in the blink of an eye 

The old die for reasons, new tides for seasons 

New life born is like teasing 

All these walls were really never there 

Nor the ceiling or the chair 

I’m eking weeks of peace at the beach 

I see the breezes weave the trees 

I am not here at all, 

You are dearly fooled, 

I see bristling trees, the shush at the sea 


Fluttering seagulls 


I’m not trapped in a box, so I am glancing at rocks 

I’m dancing off docks 

Since this stance began 

That’s where I am 
[Chorus x2]
So done.


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

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