Where do you find your hope?

As the nights draw in around the close of the year and the darkness seems as though it might last forever it can be easy to lose our sense of hope. The cold and the rain only serve to exacerbate our misery and can lead to many people feeling tired and alone. That’s one of the reasons why the tree in our house goes up very early in Advent. Tucked up in a warm house watching the gentle glow of twinkling Christmas tree lights with my family around me I am always reminded of the impending arrival of Christ as Light Of the World. In those moments whatever darkness which lies within me bred from any feeling of hopelessness seems to disappear. I remember that winter is just a fleeting season, the sun will rise again.

Where do you find your hope?


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

3 thoughts on “Where do you find your hope?”

  1. I find my hope in my friends and family. I find that Christ has a way of bringing me hope through those around me at the times I need it. Today I’ve had a tough day at work so coming home to find the advent calendar Sally had posted to me in the letterbox was a real blessing. My prayer is for those children I work with for whom the hope is not so obvious in their lives at the moment.

  2. i know it sounds a bit of a cliche but i find my hope in jesus. there’s so much rubbish people get themselves into, but he was so good at the tough love thing. like, loving them enough to believe in them and believe that they could follow him and find a better way to live. i see people’s lives – even my life – turned around by him and i am amazed at his power to turn bad things round for good. and i have hope.

  3. I find my hope within my family and friends and always have a sudden rush of hope and positivity looking at my baby’s innocent little face

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