September sees the start of a new Methodist year and after the holiday period of August things usually get back off to a brisk start with District Synod, Circuit leadership team meetings, Circuit meeting, Staff meetings, etc. That’s on top of all the other bits of Church ministry that need to be tended to. This Sunday also sees the start of Harvest festival season and the week after the round of Church councils begin. All these things will be worked out with a backdrop of conversations about creating a new circuit. The planning has also already started for the advent season and all our Christmas events which I’m sure, although a still a long way off, will soon be upon us.

Lots of very exciting and fulfilling things that I’m looking forward to being part of but I’m also aware of how busy things are going to be and how much change we may be asked to consider.

Recently I was watching Eastenders….not my choice of viewing I promise! However, I was struck by something that happened during the scenes where Peggy, the Queen Vic’s matriarchal landlady, left the square after her many years behind the bar. When talking to her family Peggy started to reminisce about her childhood and how, when she was growing up in the East End, her mother would sometimes be unable to meet the rent and they would be forced to pack up and move on. She explained that as they walked quickly into their new life that they should pause, look back and remember.

And so my challenge as I work through the busyness of these next few months is to remember to take time to look back as well as forward. To remember the good and to take it with me on the next steps. I hope that you’ll all join me as we travel that journey together.


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

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