Twenty things….

Taken from Ray Simpsons book ‘Church of the Isles’ which can be downloaded here

Twenty Things That Make Good People Angry with the Church

Lack of humanity

Lack of integrity

Lack of spiritual depth

Lack of a generous spirit

Lack of tolerance of people who differ from them

Lack of forgiveness

Lack of imagination

Lack of awareness

Misuse of power

Engendering of false guilt

Mistreatment of the earth

Belittling of sexuality

Neglect of key life moments



Misrepresentation of the nature of salvation

Misrepresentation of the nature of sin

Misrepresentation of heaven, hell and the other world

Wordy, preachy church services

Pressurised mission approaches

Abuse of power

how many do you recognise from churches you’ve been part of? how are the Churches you’re involved in dealing with these charges?


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

5 thoughts on “Twenty things….”

  1. Duttyo – I guess the clearest thing to do is to bring people in on the closely guarded secret. What is it really all about?

    But then you know me…. never really cared for this list of attainable. Never seen them as desirables. Have always tried to treat them as smashable.

  2. Don’t see anything wrong with any of them, they all represent exactly who God is !!!! LOL BE the change you want to see!

  3. you’re right it isn’t new

    the book it’s taken from is already 10 years old. The second question of what are we doing about it? is the one i’m most interested in seeing answers to

  4. Unfortunately this isn’t new. It isn’t something that “the church” (another faceless ‘they’) is able to hear no matter how often it is stated in a variety of contexts by different groups of people.

    Need some joined up thining that connects our communities with our theology!

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