‘Always for the Gospel’

‘For better, for worse, for richer for poorer but always for the Gospel’

Those were the words of David Gamble, President of the Methodist conference when addressing the CofE General Synod this week on the issue of our covenant relationship. Once again I can be proud of a Church willing to put all on the line for the Gospel of Christ. I only hope that as conversations about this address continue it is that sound bite which becomes the greater focus of discussion. So far things seem to have concentrated on the dramatic precursor to that comment…

‘The Methodist Church in Britain is prepared to go out of existence’

Anglicans all over Twitter and the blogscape have jumped on the phrase seeing as some sort of admission that the Methodist Church wishes to throw their lot in with the CofE and has already begun taking an itinerary pending the sale of the family silverware. This of course fantastically misses the point that the President was making. We are not talking here of one denomination joining another. Rather we are talking about a striving for an organic unity where the Gospel is, in all things, the driving force. The Methodist Church has taken its chance, through our President, to re-affirm our dedication to covenant living. I hope the CofE responds in like.


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

One thought on “‘Always for the Gospel’”

  1. So do I !!! The sooner we drop our insecurities about our identities the sooner we will find a new hope in what God is doing….. As we stand here God is asking “Do you trust me?” Let’s pray that both churches have the balls to say yes! and realise the cost will never be outweighed by the blessing

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