More about communication….

Another fairly high profile ‘misuse of technology’ case yesterday. It seems that the former Aussie opener Phil Hughes let slip about his being dropped from the latest test squad via his twitter feed. Understandably the team manager was not at all pleased. Changes like that are usually kept in house until the last available moment when the teams have to be announced prior to the toss.

Again it raises questions about the instant nature of our communication and what it’s appropriate for us to share.

For Christians this is a massive issue with more and more of our lifestyles being revealed to ‘the public’ through blogs and social networking it’s vital that we remember our call to be the Gospel.


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

3 thoughts on “More about communication….”

  1. I agree. If you aren’t happy for the bishop/your mum/the woman who does the flowers/the local newspaper to know it, don’t post it!

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