When to say yes

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I’ve decided that we’re going to show this film at our regular film and faith service at Moortown on Sunday.

I hope that those watching it view it in a more positive light than Thaisha Geiger did!

I thought the idea of covenant asked some great questions for us as Christians.

 What are we covenanted to? The next self help fad? the latest charismatic leader? the most recent minority movement?

Or do we take seriously that call to be in covenant only with our God?

That then leads into questions about how we make decisions in our life. How does our relationship with God change the things we say yes and no to?

For me it also talks about what offers we make as a church. In the film Jim Carrey can only say yes to the invitations that he is given. As a church are we quick enough to make the offer of Jesus, knowing that a life with Jesus is a life lived in all it’s fullness?

Has anyone else seen it yet? what did you think? do you think it deserved the ‘Very Offensive’ moral rating it was given in the review?


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

2 thoughts on “When to say yes”

  1. Interesting Comment Maria. I found that part of the film too stupid to be really offensive.

    What was it that made it so offensive for you? The age of the lady? the difference in their ages? the act itself?

  2. Yes, it absolutely deserved that rating. I mean, the old lady gives him oral sex! DISGUSTING!!!

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