Alleged Legends – A rap star goes to the Holy Land

I found this video fascinating. It’s a clip from one of Mike Skinners video blogs. Two ‘normal’ guys who love to find inspiration for their music take a journey to try and find religion. Some of the stuff they talk about is really quite revealing and pretty deep. I was certainly very interested with their comparisons between the Christian ‘attractions’ and the Jewish ones.

Have a look for yourself but please do be advised that the language is pretty ’real’ in places

and this is the song inspired by the visit……

As in the video blog I get the impression that Mike can’t really make his mind up about ‘Religion’. Obviously there’s a few things in his potted description of Christianity that i would argue are much more to do with his assumed understanding of organised religion than any basis of a living faith.

There’s some big questions for those of us who are part of Christian communities but maybe some of this can provide us with good starting points when we’re trying to talk about our faith?


Author: duttyo

Methodist Minister serving in the Bradford South Circuit

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